Quasar joins our many colleagues' and friends' voices to honor the memory of Gilles Tremblay, who passed away a few days ago. We send our heartfelt condolences to the family, to all his close friends and to all the Quebec music community who owes him a lot.

Quasar had the privilege of working with Mr. Tremblay in 2008 for "Levées" commissioned by Quasar. At that time, Mr. Tremblay, "retired from the conservatory", was a consecrated composer, enjoying a great recognition. He approached this new project with enthusiasm and tremendous freshness.

Following our call for proposals for  8 Canadian commissioned  works, we have received 115 applications from all Canada. 

Last application was registered  à 2 h 28 AM, just 2 minutes before the closure of the call at 3 AM!!!

We are very much thrilled and honoured to have received all those applications. We do warmly thank all the composers who have submitted projects.  



 APPLICATION DEADLINE : June 1rst, 2017/ Amount of the commission : 5 000 $

Details and online registration

Nous sommes très heureux d'annoncer que le lauréat du 1er prix du "Emerging Composers Competition, un concour national organisé par Groundswell, recevra 1000 $ pour écrire une nouvelle pièce pour Quasar. La pièce sera créée le 18 mars 2017 dans le cadre du Cluster New Music + Integrated Arts Festival à Winnipeg.

La date limite pour déposer sa candidature est le 7 octobre 2017. Le concours est ouvert à tous les compositeurs canadiens ou résidents permanents du Canada.

Thanks to all our partners for a wonderful 2015-2016 season. Thanks to the producers who hosted us, to the composers, the performers, and, of course, to the listeners!  We wish you all a great summer. We will be back soon for 2016-2017 season with great discoveries. 

De souffles et de machines, 1er CD de Quasar exclusivement consacré à des oeuvres pour saxophones et électronique vient de paraitre sur Étiquette DAME (collection qb).

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Oeuvres de : Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, Pedro Rebelo, André Hamel et Wolf Edwards