The president of the Conseil des arts de Montréal, revealied last January 13 the 8 finalists at the Grand Prix du CAM. Each of these finalists has in its own way left its mark during the arts season by unusual achievements. Quasar is finalist for the De souffles et de machines concert presented during the Printemps numérique, in collaboration witth the CIRMMT and mixing energy and virtuosity to electronics. The final winner will be announced on March 26 2015.

Since last fall, we have been working on a new double album. At last!
The first CD will be devoted to electro-acoutic works and the second to works mixing live instruments and electronics.
We have already recorded works by André Hamel, Jimmie LeBlanc, Philippe Leroux, Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, Pedro Rebelo and Wolf Edwards.

Photo : Quasar with composer Philippe Leroux at Studio 270.