Following our call for proposals for  8 Canadian commissioned  works, we have received 115 applications from all Canada. 

Last application was registered  à 2 h 28 AM, just 2 minutes before the closure of the call at 3 AM!!!

We are very much thrilled and honoured to have received all those applications. We do warmly thank all the composers who have submitted projects.  



 APPLICATION DEADLINE : June 1rst, 2017/ Amount of the commission : 5 000 $

Details and online registration

Nous sommes très heureux d'annoncer que le lauréat du 1er prix du "Emerging Composers Competition, un concour national organisé par Groundswell, recevra 1000 $ pour écrire une nouvelle pièce pour Quasar. La pièce sera créée le 18 mars 2017 dans le cadre du Cluster New Music + Integrated Arts Festival à Winnipeg.

La date limite pour déposer sa candidature est le 7 octobre 2017. Le concours est ouvert à tous les compositeurs canadiens ou résidents permanents du Canada.

Thanks to all our partners for a wonderful 2015-2016 season. Thanks to the producers who hosted us, to the composers, the performers, and, of course, to the listeners!  We wish you all a great summer. We will be back soon for 2016-2017 season with great discoveries. 

De souffles et de machines, 1er CD de Quasar exclusivement consacré à des oeuvres pour saxophones et électronique vient de paraitre sur Étiquette DAME (collection qb).

Achat en ligne sur le site de DAME

Oeuvres de : Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, Pedro Rebelo, André Hamel et Wolf Edwards

The Electro Series, a biennial event by Quasar fostering exploration, collaboration and the emergence of new ideas

The 21st Century has seen technology come to the forefront of musical invention, as it has in other spheres. Digital processing in conjunction with acoustic instruments has given us a new form of art, here to stay and sure to evolve. With their passions for the music of our times and for sonic exploration, in 2003 Quasar set forth on a new adventure which would result in the inauguration of the Electro Series.