Two of our members will take part in the new Interact@CIRMMT session.


Taking as its theme This is not a fake "live", the new edition of Interact@CIRMMT will have Jean-Marc Bouchard and Marie-Chantal Leclair as their guests talking about the challenges and innovations of the new initiative: Quasar Studio Club, Join us via Zoom this coming May 7th, starting at 4:00 pm!

Quasar dévoile son nouveau projet : le Quasar Studio Club !


Il nous fait plaisir de dévoiler notre nouvelle initiative : le Quasar Studio Club ! Au cœur de notre nouveau local, nous vous convions à des performances éclectiques, surprenantes et décomplexées. Un lieu de rassemblement et d'expérimentation unique en son genre dans le milieu de la musique contemporaine !

USA and Mexico

February 20 to March 11, 2020


Allemagne & Belgique

26 octobre au 9 novembre 2019

Quasar joins our many colleagues' and friends' voices to honor the memory of Gilles Tremblay, who passed away a few days ago. We send our heartfelt condolences to the family, to all his close friends and to all the Quebec music community who owes him a lot.

Quasar had the privilege of working with Mr. Tremblay in 2008 for "Levées" commissioned by Quasar. At that time, Mr. Tremblay, "retired from the conservatory", was a consecrated composer, enjoying a great recognition. He approached this new project with enthusiasm and tremendous freshness.

Thanks to all our partners for a wonderful 2015-2016 season. Thanks to the producers who hosted us, to the composers, the performers, and, of course, to the listeners!  We wish you all a great summer. We will be back soon for 2016-2017 season with great discoveries.