De souffles et de machines, 1er CD de Quasar exclusivement consacré à des oeuvres pour saxophones et électronique vient de paraitre sur Étiquette DAME (collection qb).

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Oeuvres de : Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, Pedro Rebelo, André Hamel et Wolf Edwards

After the recordings last spring, we are now at the editing stage. Here we are at Studio 270 with composer Philippe Leroux who came to help woith his piece Du souffle. We are looking forward to present this new CD to be released next December on the DAME label (qb collection).

Since last fall, we have been working on a new double album. At last!
The first CD will be devoted to electro-acoutic works and the second to works mixing live instruments and electronics.
We have already recorded works by André Hamel, Jimmie LeBlanc, Philippe Leroux, Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, Pedro Rebelo and Wolf Edwards.

Photo : Quasar with composer Philippe Leroux at Studio 270.