Quasar, a digital odyssey

The Electro Series, a biennial event by Quasar fostering exploration, collaboration and the emergence of new ideas

The 21st Century has seen technology come to the forefront of musical invention, as it has in other spheres. Digital processing in conjunction with acoustic instruments has given us a new form of art, here to stay and sure to evolve. With their passion for the music of our times and for sonic exploration, in 2003 Quasar set forth on a new adventure which would result in the inauguration of the Electro Series.

For Quasar, the Electro Series has, since 2010, been one of its major productions, as important as its seasonal concerts, with the sole exception being that the series is presented every other year.

The Electro Series, now in its 6th edition, continues to raise Montreal's profile as an international  focal point for avant-garde music.

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