Gilles Tremblay, in memoriam

Quasar joins our many colleagues' and friends' voices to honor the memory of Gilles Tremblay, who passed away a few days ago. We send our heartfelt condolences to the family, to all his close friends and to all the Quebec music community who owes him a lot.

Quasar had the privilege of working with Mr. Tremblay in 2008 for "Levées" commissioned by Quasar. At that time, Mr. Tremblay, "retired from the conservatory", was a consecrated composer, enjoying a great recognition. He approached this new project with enthusiasm and tremendous freshness.

I remember this session where we presented sounds that we had worked with Jean-François Laporte. He used them in his piece. He is the one who very poetically named them "cloud sounds".

This was his only work for saxophone.

Listen to the recording :