ADN 0.01

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Quasar presents a deep dive into the heart of musical identity, amplified by the magnificent acoustics of the Gesù

Your ever-bold saxophone quartet Quasar will be presenting, with the Groupe Le Vivier, ADN 0.01, as part of the Tribute Series of the SMCQ. Join us on January 23rd 2020, starting at 8pm, at the Espace Aline-Letendre of the Gesù.

Quasar kicks off 2020 with ADN 0.01, a concert co-produced with the Groupe Le Vivier. ADN 0.01 is an investigation of the diverse origins of creation myths. From the Tower of Babel to China, by way of the plain-chant of Saint-Gallen and verses of the Koran, the concert visits and explores a host of surprising - and sincere - inspirations.

Discover a rich programme with, among others, the reprise of works by Samir Odeh-Tamimi, an Israeli composer whose work for baritone saxophone takes its inspiration from a poem by 9th Century mystic Sufi, Mansour al-Hallaj, and of Daniel Péter Biró, whose work Udvarim Achadim is based upon four distinct chants: a recitation from the Koran, a trope from the Torah, a Hungarian lament and a plain-chant from Saint-Gallen. For this concert, Quasar will also be performing a world premiere: the new creation by young composer Xue Han, which finds inspiration in sources as diverse as traditional Chinese instruments, a poem from Oscar Wilde and the exploration of objective sonic parameters.

ADN 0.01 takes place under the aegis of the Tribute Series of the Quebec Contemporary Music Society, honouring this year composer Katia Makdissi-Warren. An innovative and internationally noted creator, her style is distinguished by the meeting of Middle Eastern, Western and indigenous music. For the occasion, she will be composing a uniquely created work, not to be missed ! Her new opus, ADN 0,5%, will complete the programme and will offer a sonic fabric in which unique microtonalities meet, which questions the nature of human DNA. Are we as different as we  might think, are our creations unique or are they all distant cousins ?

  "While our differences sometimes seem immense, they turn out to be minimal. Could we apply this theory to music?"

-       Marie-Chantal Leclair, Artistic Director

The concert will be preceded by the 11th Fiery Encounter, a round-table discussion of issues pertaining to contemporary music, presented at the Espace Custeau of the Gesù beginning at 7:00 pm. It will be exploring the following theme: "What is your musical DNA?"