Complete repertoire

Composer(s) Title Instrumentation
Widdershins (le monde merveilleux du Marquis de Sade) 2009 for virtual tape and amplified saxophone quartet (with or without live signal processing
Im Anfang war der Rhythmus Seven percussionists
In Etwartung 1994 for saxophone quartet and six percussions
Loud Speakers 1999 Saxophone quartet
Rhea 1988 Large saxophone ensemble (12)
Saxophonquartett 2014 Saxophone quartet (SATB)
God keep our land glorious and rich 2018 For saxophone quartet and electronic devices
À huit 2001 for eight saxophones (SSAATTBB) spatialized
Brumes matinales et textures urbaines 2007 for saxophone quartet and live electronics
Entre chien et loup 2014 For baritone saxophone and digital treatment in real time
Whence Hilarity II 2019 For saxophone quartet

Blake Harrison-Lane

Dread Vector 2017 Quatuor de saxophones (SATB)
PING 2017 Saxophone quartet (SATB), electronic devices, "video chat" and "strobe lights"
Horizontal Cracking In Concrete Pavments 2007 2 saxophones and electronics
Sax Organ 2018 16 saxophones (SSSSAAAATTTTBBBB)
Swirls and Shades 2019 For saxophone octet
Tags 2018 For 8 or more instrumentalists and all types of instrumentation

Geof Holbrook

Glitch 2007 Saxophone quartet and six percussionists
Concerto for alto saxophone

Jason Kao Hwang

Within moments 2008 Saxophone quartet and voice
Cyriak Stacks v.2.4 2017
Juste avant le temps 1999 For soprano, tenor, bass saxophones and tape
Pabaigos 2005 for saxophone quartet
Ricochets 2006 for tenor saxophone and live electronics
Stabile 2003 for saxophone quartet and live electronics
Three Studies in Determinisn 2017 Saxophone quartet (SATB), electronic equipment and strobe lights
Le Dernier Songe de Samuel Beckett 2013 For tenor saxophone and electronics

Marie-Chantal Leclair / Julien Roy

Sens inverse Saxophone quartet and electronics