Geyser Ghetto

Composer: Michel Frigon
for saxophone quartet

With Geyser Ghetto I wished to represent the Earth's pressure as if it was that of a living organism, in order to measure the level of stress we impose upon it. In this metaphorical voyage, the magma's pressure will take you from the center of the Earth all   the way to its surface, before being expelled in the atmosphere through the mouth of a geyser. In the first movement, the tenor saxophone, under the prevailing motivic activity, gets carried away before reaching its point of fusion. The quartet then splits into two layers, sliding one over the other like two tectonic plates over magma. In the second movement, the gaseous pressure builds up into subterranean cavities. The seismic activity will reach its climax into the middle of the third movement, where a long build-up over the repetition of small fragments will lead the tension to its final explosion.

Geyser Ghetto was commissioned by Quasar, and was supported by the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec. It was created in Montreal on May 18, 2005.