Cluster Festival

Winter tour 2017


Hello / This is Quasar Saxophone Quartet / Quasar will play many saxophones very loudly / There will be noise (!) / There will be flashing lights (warning!) / There will be many, many things on video screens / and there will be no (!) relenting (!!)

Featuring: Quasar Saxophone Quartet playing Alexander Schubert and David Adamcyk and premieres by Z-Machine (Carmen Vanderveken, Matthew Schoen, and Nathalie Vanderveken), Jennifer Walshe, Patrick Hart, Myriam Bleau, Eliot Britton, Gordon Hyland, Shaun Bellamy, Calum Jensen, and Kristen Wachniak.

We welcome you to stay after the show for a special post-concert talk with the artists involved.

Rachel Browne Theatre

211 Bannatyne Ave.
Winnipeg MB


$15 (regular) $10 (student)

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