Cluster Festival

Tournée hiver 2017


Hello / This is Quasar Saxophone Quartet / Quasar will play many saxophones very loudly / There will be noise (!) / There will be flashing lights (warning!) / There will be manymany things on video screens / and there will be no (!) relenting (!!)

Featuring: Quasar Saxophone Quartet playing Alexander Schubert and David Adamcyk and premieres by Z-Machine (Carmen Vanderveken, Matthew Schoen, and Nathalie Vanderveken), Jennifer Walshe, Patrick Hart, Myriam Bleau, Eliot Britton*, Gordon Hyland, Shaun Bellamy, Calum Jensen*, andKristen Wachniak*.

We welcome you to stay after the show for a special post-concert talkback with the artists involved.

Rachel Browne Theatre

211 Bannatyne Ave.
Winnipeg MB


15 $ (regular) 10 $ (student)

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