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About the Ars Musica Festival:

Each year, the festival's program presents a cross-section of musical creation in conjunction with its Belgian, European and extra-European partners. Numerous concerts allow for the dissemination of a multi-faceted repertoire, both local and international in nature. Thus, over the course of its twenty five+ years of existence, the festival has presented more than 800 different composers, an average of thirty-five new composers per edition. The artistic direction, considering a large repertoire with pluralist aesthetics, tends to promote the work of Belgian composers such as Henri Pousseur, Pierre Bartholomée, Philippe Boesmans, Claude Ledoux, Benoît Mernier, Luc Brewaeys, Jean-Luc Fafchamps, Walter Hus, Peter Vermeersch etc.

Becoming a biennial in 2014, and now with a regular November spot on the calendar,  Ars Musica explores sonic possibilities breaking free from borders and dogmas to discover incredible horizons. During odd-numbered years, Ars Musica presents a year-long musical season and numerous educational activities for children, students, musicians and composers.

Les Brigittines

Place de la Chapelle 5
1000 Bruxelles


Les Brigittines 

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