With Cathédrale-Lumière, Quasar offers an acoustic program enhanced by the exceptional acoustics of the Church of Gesù. This improbable sonic immersion into the heart of works specially designed for reverberating spaces offers a pilgrimage that is at once disturbing and hypnotic. An abyss halfway between the perceptible and the intangible, where move vibrating bodies and imagined escapades.

The concert will be preceded by a Fiery Encounter at 7:00 pm at the Espace Custeau. These round table discussions, moderated by Philippe Leroux, aim to give the new music community a forum of exchange and debate.

Topic: Contemporary art outside of Montreal; is there no hope?

Guests: Luce Couture, Keiko Devaux, Denis Dion and Yannick Plamondon.

Espace Aline-Letendre du Gesù

1202 rue de Bleury
Montreal QC H3B 3J3