Analia Llugdar

(1972 - )

Originally from Argentina, Analia Llugdar holds a PhD in composition. Directed by Denis Gougeon, his thesis La Faim Artaud: The musical body exploded. In search of a musical language inspired by Artaud follows masters studies (directed by José Evangelista) then on contemporaneity in the relationship between music and visual arts. A musician with many awards and distinctions, she marks today's artistic scene with the vitality and subtlety of her writing, punctuated by shouts and cries. In December 2012, her Juana ballet for soprano, cello, clarinet and electroacoustic was created in Monaco as part of the Monaco Danse Forum. This work was commissioned by the CIRM, National Center for Music Creation in Nice; the choreography was written by Éric Oberdorff, artistic director of the Compagnie Humaine's Compagnie de danse niçoise. Analia Llugdar has received many accolades, including the Canada Council for the Arts' Victor Martyn Lynch-Staunton Award, the 2008-2009 Opus Composer of the Year Award, the 2008 Jules Léger Prize, and the Prix de Musique Contemporaine Québec. -Flanders 2007.