Fantaisies and/et Alllusions

Composer: John Rea
Saxophone quartet (SATB) and snare drum (optional)

Fantaisies and/et Allusions (1969)

This work was composed at the request of the late Peter Smith, the composer's student friend, who had founded a saxophone quartet shortly before becoming Principal Clarinetist with the National Arts Centre Orchestra (Ottawa).

The work, which unfolds through seven movements, was composed a few months after my composition for large orchestra, Les Jours, a ballet also conceived in seven movements.

Two fantasies in particular deserve special attention. "
Aléa" where two duos play independently of each other, and "Ranz des vaches - pastorale", which is a controlled improvisation.

The titles : 

Fantaisie : Ostinato

Fantaisie : Aléa


Fantaisie : Canon

Fantaisie : Ranz des vaches – pastorale