Quasar/McGill Wind Orchestra


Quasar joins the students of the saxophone class at the Schulich School of Music (McGill University) to present a work for 12 saxophones by Quebec composer François Morel. This performance is part of the Wind Orchestra concert at McGill University.

Marie-Chantal Leclair, saxophone instructor at the Schulich School will also perform a concertante work by Karel Husa under the direction of Jonathan Dagenais.

Large saxophone ensemble:

Conductor: Jeffrey Klefstad
Gavin Goodwind : sopranino
Marie-Chantal Leclair, Glen Chamberlain: soprano
Mathieu Leclair, Chris Na, Earle Lejean: alto
André Leroux, Dustin Finner, Shikara Fahie: tenor
Jean-Marc Bouchard, Alan Ridout: baritone
Mitchell Fong: bass

Pollack room, Schulich Music School (Mcgill University)

555 Sherbrooke St. W
Montreal QC