Strophes, séquences et mouvements

Composer: François Morel
Large saxophone ensemble (SnoSSAAATTTBBBs)

The writing of this piece for 12 saxophones is based on three modes from which the sound blocks (harmony) draw their sources. Despite its title in three integrated gestures, the idea of ​​returning the 5 stanzas, the link between each of the 7 sequences that are inserted (duet, 2 trios, quartet, quintet, sextet and septet) as well as 3 choirs, offers a dynamic route throughout the work imbued with the sensation of movement until the last few pages of the score. Throughout the entirety of the work the unfolding continues to increase in speed in the whirling of the sound space. The music progresively decreases, giving way to a suspended world to conclude in a final outbreak of violence to die out in the sound of keys and the breath (white noise) produced by the instruments.

The piece was commissioned by the Association des saxophonistes du Québec with the assistance of the Canada Council for the Arts as part of the 12th World Saxophone Congress held in Montreal in July 2000. The creation took place at the Festival International de Lanaudière on July 3, 2000 by the
l'Ensemble international de saxophones under the direction of Jean-Marie Londeix, to whom the work is dedicated.