Composer: Martin Parker
scripts is series of concert pieces designed to offer mild respite for players during programmes of extreme and physically taxing music. For example, in one of the scripts, a player is asked to draw patterns across their instrument with a microphone rather than play notes.  In another script, a player takes a touch interface and draws shapes that modify live electronics processes.

By using microphones, computer interfaces, external noises as well as saxophones, a new range of sounds are made accessible for imitation by the players. More importantly perhaps, the musical potential of all technologies involved in the concert is gently revealed. 
The pieces are called “scripts" because rather than take a literal approach to translating score-based instructions the players are asked to interpret their instructions and adapt them to the sonic context they are in, rather like the way actors use a script as the starting point for a performance.
In the context of collaboration with Michael Edwards’ piece, we have identified places where the scripts can be inserted. We envisage a seamless flow between the two sound worlds, but distinctive changes in tension, timing, harmony and action should be apparent.