Composer: Laurie Radford
Saxophone quartet and audiovisual signal processing

 lowercase explores the “other” of the  saxophone, the “non‐pure” and extended sonic possibilities of the instrument. The audio and video processing components of the work explore a distortion of the quotidian and the expected. Throughout the process of writing lowercase, I felt the need to bend, dirty, and clutter the sound, to place the instruments in an unfamiliar context through the writing itself, and more so through electronic intervention, smearing the essence of the saxophone, extending and altering it towards some “other.”    

 This “other” extends to the performance practice of the stage and the importance of image,  physical placement, and movement in space for our apprehension and appreciation of visual and sonic events. In order to explore these relationships, the character of  sonic space, and the relationship between image and sound, the quartet is mobile in the performance space, moving and performing from a number of pre-‐designated stations, reconfiguring their sonic relationship to each other and the space. Physical movement of the instrumentalists is mirrored by spatial animation of the transformed sounds via multichannel audio transformations and diffusion. Transformations of live visual animation creates an additional contrapuntal component in the performance space and propels the focus towards the heart of the piece: the liminal edge between purity and degradation. 

 lowercase was commissioned by Quasar with the support of the Fonds de dotation Quasar.