Entre chien et loup

Composer: André Hamel
For baritone saxophone and digital treatment in real time

For a month now, a moon, they had seen each other at dusk in the small woodland near the exit of the village.

That night, the song of the coyotes was the music that celebrated their antics. Their melee, at once gentle and violent, subjugated them with such intensity that the whole universe seemed to them to vibrate with the savage passion which emanated from their bodies. Never had such a stir swept them away.

Their shortness of breath couldn't stop the shaking of their flesh when they recovered themselves again, their souls and skin torn once again, as if through a terrible rage, by this desire which, each time, devoured them a little bit more. .

Finally, they languished with bodies intertwined until nightfall.
                                                                                                                                                     … à Djamila
Entre chien et loup was commissioned by Ida Toninato, to whom it is dedicated. The piece is part of a cycle to be completed, of "eight plus one" works for instruments and real-time processing, based on the cycle of hours and inspired by amorous passion.
To date:
- L’heure bleu, for harpsichord and treatment (2003)

available on disc (Atma – ACD2 2396)

- De l’aube claire, for cello and treatment (2004)

- Brumes matinales et textures urbaines, for saxophone quartet and treatment (2007)

available on disc soon(by the Quasar ensemble)

- L’heure suspendue, for flyingcan and treatment (2010)

available on disc (Productions Totem contemporain - PTC-2013)

- Nocturnale, for organ positif de dos and treatment (2015)