Kristoffer Zegers

(1970 - )

Kristoffer Zegers was born December 27th, 1973 in Breda, Holland. In 1992, he started studying composition at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. There he studied with Gilius van Bergeijk, Jan Boerman, Clarence Barlow, Didrik Wagenaar, Martijn Padding and Louis Andriessen.

Zegers writes chamber music, and solo pieces, but his specialty is electronic music, especially for tape, orchestra or both. In 2002/2003, Zegers built his own electronic studio and also started teaching young students how to generate musical shapes and forms/soundscapes with computer programs in Brabant (south of Holland). In 2002, he wrote a piece for 4 saxophones, entitled Venlafaxine, which tells the listener about the feeling you get when you take an antidepressant which makes the mind insane, a kind of 'collapse' of the brain. More recently, Zegers wrote Horologium Oscilatorium, a piece about counterpoint, fast rhythms, tonal structures and mixing voices for the "De Ereprijs" Ensemble. He also composed a quartet for 4 trumpets that tells about bird songs. Bird songs merge into an electronic tape. This tape is also composed of electronic trumpet sounds. Zegers is now working on another project, called Natte Oren, for Music Lab Brabant. For that project, Zegers has been asked to generate a kind of musical circus with different toys that can generate sounds.

Zegers’s music is played all over the Netherlands and his music is heard on national and international radio (USA, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Norway, etc...). In 2001, Zegers gave masterclasses at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague.