Jacob David Sudol

(1980 - )

Jacob David Sudol writes intimate compositions that explore enigmatic phenomena and the inner nature of how we perceive sound.  His music has been performed over one hundred times by many prestigious ensembles and performers across the USA as well as in Canada, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, China, Thailand, Japan, and Cambodia.  His compositions regularly selected for the most prestigious annual national and international computer music and electronic music conferences. Dr. Sudol is also currently writing a chapter on his music for a future book to be published by Oxford University Press.

In 2012, he founded a cello/electro-acoustic duo with his colleague the distinguished cellist Jason Calloway and, since 2010 he has been in a piano/electro-acoustic duo with his wife Chen-Hui Jen. At FIU he directs the FLEA (Florida Laptop Electro-Acoustic) Ensemble and in Taiwan he directed CLOrk (Chiao-Da Laptop Orchestra). He also regularly collaborates on interdisciplinary projects with architect Eric Goldemberg, visual artist Jacek Kolasinski, and Cambodian dancer/choreographer Chey Chankethya.

Dr. Sudol was awarded a Fulbright grant to teach at National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan for the Academic 2015-16 Year and is also an Assistant Professor of Music Technology and Composition at Florida International University.