Henri Pousseur

(1929 - 2009)

Henri Pousseur was born in 1929 in Malmedy (Belgium) and died in 2009 in Brussels. He studied at the conservatories of Liège and Brussels (1947-1953) where he met Pierre Froidebise and André Souris. From 1951, he actively participated with Pierre Boulez, Karlheinz Stockhausen and Luciano Berio in the development of serialism, electronic and random music, and taught in Darmstadt. He worked at the electronic music studios in Cologne (1954), Milan (Scambi, 1957) and in 1958 founded the one in Brussels and the association Musiques nouvelles. In 1960, he began collaborating with Michel Butor, mos notably on Votre Faust (1961-1968), Liège à Paris (1977), Procès du jeune chien (1978), Chevelures du temps (1979), La rose des voix (1982), Le sablier du Phoenix (1994), and L'antre de la nymphe (2006). He founded the Wallonia Musical Research and Training Center (1970), and set up the Institute for Musical and Choreographic Pedagogy in Paris (1984-1987) within which he created the periodical Marsyas. In addition to many writings, he has composed some two hundred works, including Mobile (1958), Ode (1960), Miroir de votre Faust (1965), Couleurs croisés (1967), Icare apprententi (1970), Vue sur les jardins forbidden ( 1973), La seconde apothéose de Rameau (1981), Nacht der Nächte (1985) and Voix et vues planétaires (2004).