Fiery encounters - 2nd edition

The intellect versus emotion: downfall or salvation of contemporary music?

Moderator: Philippe Leroux

Guests : Jimmie LeBlanc, Chantal Laplante, Michael Edwards, Simon Bertrand

Free glass of wine or juice to all concert ticket holders

The concert will be preceded by the 2nd edition of the Fiery encounters. These round-table discussions aim to give the community of new music a real forum for exchange and debate. Free from censorship - and above all from self-censorship - these meetings bring together actors from the milieu with diverse, even opposed opinions and profiles, and we hope that the clash of ideas will allow them to grow richer, to appreciate different visions of the world and to challenge the public about the vitality of the world of Quebec musical creation.

Espace Custeau (Gesù)

1200 rue de Bleury
Montreal QC