Fiery Encounter no. 1!

Written music, improvised music: between two utopias

Fiery encounter: Written music, improvised music: between two utopias

Moderator : Philippe Leroux

Guests : Sandeep Bhagwati, Guillaume Bourgogne, Jean Derome, Danièle Desnoyers, Émilie Girard-Charest

The concert will be preceded by the first edition of Fiery encounters. The aim of this new initiative by Quasar, moderated by Phillipe Leroux, is to offer the contemporary music community at large an opportunity for exchange and debate. With free range of expression, and certainly no need for self-censoring, these round-table gatherings will bring together leading figures from the milieu with diverse, even opposite, profiles and opinions. In a consensual world in which the role of the critic has virtually disappeared, it seemed to us not only to be interesting but necessary to create the opportunity for the free circulation of ideas, while also promoting debate without digressing into argument. Our hope is that the clash of ideas will permit their enrichment, promote appreciation for differing visions of the world and involve the public in the liveliness of the milieu of Quebec contemporary musical creation. 





Espace Custeau (Gesù)

1200 rue de Bleury
Montreal QC