Tribute to Leduc, Borduas and Riopelle

Concert and CD launch


Ozias Leduc, Paul-Émile Borduas, Jean-Paul Riopelle. The pictorial breakthroughs of these three great Quebec painters are in the crosshairs of composer Simon Martin. Three visions of art underlined by three contrasting ensembles: the Trio de guitares contemporain, the Quasar saxophone quartet and the Bozzini Quartet. It will also be an opportunity to highlight the pre-launch of the disc

This tribute concert explores our heritage and the way it still resonates today, achieving "a combination, here, of creativity and memory" (Fernand Dumont, 1971).

The Tribute to Leduc, Borduas and Riopelle concert brings together three works composed between 2007 and 2009 in homage to Quebec painters Ozias Leduc, Paul-Émile Borduas and Jean-Paul Riopelle. These three artists are in master-student relationships spanning over a century of Quebec's visual history - from the decoration of churches to spray painting. To echo this lineage, the works were composed according to the same aesthetic, for three small groups with homogeneous instrumentation: three classical guitars, saxophone quartet and string quartet.


Simon Martin

for saxophone quartet

Simon Martin

L'heure mauve

for guitar trio

Simon Martin

Icebergs et Soleil de minuit

for string quartet

Espace Aline-Letendre du Gesù

1202 rue de Bleury
Montreal QC H3B 3J3

  • Presale: $12.00
  • At the door: $20.00
  • Presale, reduced: $8.00
  • At the door, reduced: $15.00