Jean-Marc Bouchard

Barytone saxophone

Photo of Jean-Marc Bouchard

A passionate of creative music, Jean Marc Bouchard explores its many facets either as a performer or as an improviser. Founding member of the Quasar saxophone quartet, he also is the artistic director of the In Vivo series dedicated to improvisation. With In Vivo, (now in its 7th edition) he offers musical journeys, which mix, hybridize and mingle improvisation, composition, electronics and new instruments. In Vivo is also a privileged meeting space where Quasar invites musicians from different backgrounds into new territories.

His work as an improviser and has led him to collaborate with many musicians including John Butcher, Jean Derome, Christine Duncan, Jean Martin, Robert Dick, Rémi Leclerc, Danielle P. Roger and Jérôme Blais.

His approach to improvisation, and his intimate contact with the music of modern composers, led him to develop his own compositions with fascinating projects. Over the years, he wrote several works including Le Cri des oiseaux fous, Jeux, L’éveil de la tortue and Les Cinq Orients  OPUS prize concert of the year). Jean-Marc teaches saxophone at the University of Montreal where he also conducts the improvisation workshop, an emsemble open to instrumentalists and composers of all categories.

Difficile de rendre justice en mots à son art de jouer du saxophone et d'être en scène. Il ne recule devant rien, maîtrise les effets au point de les dominer...

François Tousignant, Le Devoir, 30 avril 2001

(à propos de son interprétation de Solo for bass saxophone de Klas Torstensson.)