mais les cris, vous les connaissez?

Compositeur: Nolan Krell

« mais les cris, vous connaissez ? » attempts to transmit and arrange movements which skirt along the surface of instruments. Sound-creation exists on the layer of contact between things: skin and string, and wood. The music in this piece is the communicating of quiet screams between performers and their instruments; these screams are the sound-embodiment of musculature and thought dragged and carried out.
“But are you familiar with screaming? Screams, screams break everything, why doesn’t she scream, just whispers here, I would have screamed so loud, my lungs would dilate, enormous, blooming, corollas full of noise, I would have screamed a scream so long, sharp, unbearable, that everything would have changed, I would have won or lost, one must try, God exists or he doesn’t, if He does he cannot not respond to a scream like mine, even if he’s busy, even if time is a mere drop in his eternity, time exists, he heard me before my scream, he hears, I scream, it’s simple, I am all scream, I await his answer, as long as he doesn’t respond I scream, I scream in front, in back, I scream for five thousand seven hundred and some years […] my scream is me, I scream I am, prove to me that you are, I am proving to you that I am, the first one who shuts up loses, I screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…”
-Hélène Cixous, Inside, trans. Christof Migone