Electro Series - 7th Edition

De souffles et de machines III

Gesù Amphitheater

1200 Bleury Street
Montreal QC H3B 3J3

Quasar continues its exploration of the world of sound in the digital age and presents four new works for saxophones and interactive electroacoustic devices. A 7th edition of its Electro Series, this concert is the result of an exploration laboratory bringing together an exceptional international distribution. Research, inspiration, technologies: an amazing mix, a key event in the new music scene.

A collaboration between Quasar, CIRMMT, the Conservatoire de musique de Montréal, the Goethe Institute, HELLERAU and SACEM.

Creation Workshop - De souffles et de machines

Of Spheres and Foams - Jimmie LeBlanc

Not thinking about the elephants - Annesley Black

construct-deconstruct - Sergej Maingardt