Pill Culture (2000)
Composer: Paul Frehner
for saxophone quartet

Each of the fifteen movements of Pill Culture is like a musical tablet that has been inspired by a pill used to remedy an ailment of some sort. In fact, they been designed so as to have, hopefully, some sort of physiological or psychological benefit upon the listener. The titles, however, are metaphorical. This is to ensure that the listener is not entirely sure of the manner in which each pill is affecting them. 

The descriptive movements are titled: Percolator (the little stimulant that gets things started), A previous night (a cure for hangovers), For Inner Harmony (for those seeking spiritual calm), Pacemaker (a reflection on a busy life), Pillow (gradual relief from a variety of ailments), Clone (perhaps not as good as the real thing), Tilt a' Whirl (an anti-depressant), Schizisms (a musical multi-vitamin tablet), Rotor (a type of hallucinogen), Placebo, For Outer Harmony (when suffering from great inner turmoil), Twitch (a muscular twitch), Modulator (a magical shape-changing potion), For You, and Tisane-nuits de rêves (...The Journey... inevitably... continues... ). Paul Frehner's composition Elixirs is an orchestral version of Pill Culture.

Pill Culture was premiered by Quasar in 2000 at the Théâtre La Chapelle (Montréal).