voice box ii

Composer: Hiroki Tsurumoto
For saxophone quartet and electronic devices

voice box is my new series of works with electronics inspired by the voices of Basenjis. I have been living with two Basenjis for over five years. Basenjis share many unique traits with pariah dog types like dingoes and New Guinea singing dogs, etc. They are known as barkless dogs because of their unusually shaped larynx (voice box), but they can yodel, whine, and scream.

Living with unique dogs like Basenjis has taught me how much I cannot control others and how flexible I have to be. This is how I became more and more interested in giving up on my own choices in music, and I have adopted a semi-improvisation approach as well as an open score format.

In a way, I am trying to share my way of understanding and approaching what seems to be uncontrollable or unstructured through this series, instead of mimicking their voices as they are with musical objects. Their voices may sound unstructured, but with experience I can now imagine what they might be saying, asking for, or doing with each voice, and they expect me to understand them as well.