¡Todos a Cubierta!

Composer: Homero Salazar

"All hands on deck" the captain cries when his ship is sinking. Everything seems to play against the captain, as the ship won’t stop sinking despite the best efforts of the captain and the crew. The ocean is a remarkable and relentless beast, the ship is old, and you are tired. You are the captain, and you need to sink with your ship.

¡Todos a Cubierta! depicts scenes of a ship sinking in the middle of the ocean from the point of view of the captain, who is represented by the baritone sax, the rest of the quartet represents the waves, the ocean, the ship and the crew, in different moments of the piece. The baritone sax tries to battle the rhythms, textures and techniques proposed by the rest of the quartet. Slowly but surely, the baritone sax becomes tired and starts aligning with the music surrounding it, facing the truth, he is losing the battle.

This piece was composed as part of a workshop in Morelia, México. Inside Centro Mexicano para la Música y las Artes Sonoras and Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, as part of its program of Music and Artistic Technology. This workshop was given by the Quasar Quartet in 2017. Today, four years after being composed, this piece is reprised by the same quartet it was composed for. ¡Todos a Cubierta! is dedicated to the Quasar Quartet, and the composer gives thanks and appreciation for this performance.