Composer: Joane Hétu
For 8 or more instrumentalists and all types of instrumentation

TAGS creates an encounter between Ensemble SuperMusique, the Quasar saxophone quartet, and the Bozzini Quartet. The musicians make “sound graffiti” on an imaginary wall represented by a sequence of timed sections on a descriptive score where the composer uses different instrumental combinations. Using an aesthetic of articulated gestures, the work is made through these multiple signatures. 10 sound graffiti artists divided into nine units create a resonant mural using more than 40 tags that follow or overlap, like the brief and unique signatures that adorn the walls of large cities. Tagging is quick, ephemeral, sometimes brutal, sometimes tender, it can seem chaotic while being coherent. . Without aerosol, without urban pollution, tagging has never been so resonant while being respectful of the environment.