Section Music

Composer: Ülo Krigul
Saxophone quartet (SATB)

When writing the piece I had an image of a supernatural saxophone ranging from the deepest bass register to the heights of soprano. Saxophone quartet is indeed a proper ensemble to realise this idea as the similar yet different instruments in that cast give us both variety and uniformity. After the first rehearsals with Quasar it was even more the pleasure to hear this soundimage, as these musicians really blend well together and have a common breathing as a four-headed saxophone dragon.

The title "Section Music" was even more relevant in the beginning  of writing it. Namely, I had in mind to write a cylce of 3-4 rather smaller fragments, sections. However, during the process these different sections started to communicate and finally blended together to one whole. But one can still detect those ancient shapes of distinct parts derived from the very beginning of the creation. 

"Section Music" was commissioned by the Estonian state concert agency Eesti Kontsert for their program entitled "Rostrum" and premiered in Tallinn by Quasar Saxophone Quartet on the 7th of October, 2014.

Ülo Krigul