Manu Militari

Composer: Louis Dufort
for saxophone quartet and live electronics

This piece follows a direction that has emerged in my latest works in which the acoustic timbre of an instrument is genetically modified through various technologically-produced means. A very fashionable subject, needless to say. However, the saxophone is here the subject of such an experiment and, even though what you see is a real saxophone, its virtual double will come and add humongous columns of air to it, will add dozens of keys to it, will double the size of its mouthpiece, will multiply its amplitude and that should really be something so check it out.

Beyond the work's technical aspects, there is a will to shed light on the power of music which, in spite of many composers, has often been put to questionable use. This power of music has nevertheless always fascinated me. If cinema can make you shiver with fear or shed a sweet tear, then so can music. Just allow yourself to be carried away by the sonic waves and your imagination will take care of the rest.

This is dedicated to Carl Teike (1864 - 1922), sergeant and composer. He essentially wrote military marches, including an extraordinary one named "Alte Kameraden", parts of which were used here as basic material.

Manu Militari has been premiered January 24 2003 as part of Électrochocs concert at l'Espace chorégraphique Jean-Pierre Perreault, Montréal.