La faiblesse humaine : défiance à la lisière du calme

Composer: Mark Molnar
for moving saxophone quartet

We approach, scratching the surface of the worn dais, cautious, storms stretching across the sky, fists unclenching and stretching out to rest on tables of worn oak, slipping their moorings in succession, while barometers fulcrum, pupils dilate, and
distant impressions, near forgotten, run down the faces of hills, interminable, lost, humbled in their hoarse accumulation, and stretched across the tightening surface; coarse figures approach and re-approach, cultivating a focus of detached empathy for a distant part of their own humanity, and moving, part by part, brick by brick, a whirlwind looms in and out of focus, in an expiation from breath to cry.
Mark Molnar

Commissioned by Quasar with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.