Juste avant le temps

For soprano, tenor, bass saxophones and tape

The tape, which was produced in the studios of Grame / Lyon, a national center for musical creation, is entirely composed from saxophone sounds specially recorded by Daniel Kientzy and manipulated through various digital techniques. Juste avant le temps stages the fiction of what things could be (how to name this?) just before the start of time, just before the zero date of the start of clocks. The metaphor oscillates between a universe of ecstatic sounds, as if frozen out of time, and a burbling of sound particles in triple forte, covering the entire register and foreshadowing the imminence of a luminous disaster from which time would spring. The performer, immersed in this excess, only reinforces it by an effect of scale and by the extreme sonority and velocity of their instruments.

Premiered on March 6, 1999 by Daniel Kientzy, to whom the work is dedicated, at the National Opera of Lyon as part of the 'Musiques en Scène' Festival.