Jongleurs d'esquisses

for saxophone quartet

Inspired by the title of the concert Jeux à 4 and especially knowing the skill of the musicians of Quasar in improvisation, I wanted this piece to be a bit like a game, where everyone should respect certain rules, but also have a large amount of freedom. So I designed two large "game boards" containing musical instructions presented in an open form. The musicians must "juggle" among different musical fragments and thus decide the course of the work for each performance.

The musical material used for Jongler autour de l’étoile Aldébaran includes quotes from the 8th movement of Olivier Messiaen’s magnificent orchestral piece From Canyons to the Stars: The Risen and the Song of the Star Aldebaran. I wanted to pay homage to this admirable composer. In Jonglerie de diction, musicians have to improvise by imitating the declamation of diction exercises, alternating with moving ranges of multiphonic sounds. Be careful, you may recognize "Petit pot-de-beurre, quand te dépetitpotdebeurreriseras-