Hommage à Wim Wenders

Composer: Simon Bertrand
for saxophone quartet (SSTB)

This piece is a triptych inspired by three films by German filmmaker Wim Wenders.The work is entirely made from extremely simple musical gestures, derived from various modes, sound scales and harmonic progressions. In addition to the polyrhythmic and polyphonic work with the four saxophones, the musical discourse also allows for several monologues and dialogues to emerge.

Regarding the music and its connection to the three films, here are some ideas for listeners, hoping that they can, whether having seen these films or not, be soaked in their atmospheres.

1. The Wings of Desire
Solitude of two angels who see without being seen ...
Desire of one of them to experience the impossibility of the living.
Falls and flights, dizziness, dialogues, questions.

2. Tokyo-ga (Haîku loop)
Homage of Wenders to Yasujirō Ozu, filmmaker of the unsaid and the imperturbable Japanese soul surviving the torments of the 20th century ...
Statism, movement, introspection, light.

3. Paris-Texas
Road-movie around flight, loneliness, oblivion and memory.
Calls, monologues, memories, appeasement through abandonment.

The work is dedicated to Wim Wenders and the wonderful musicians of the Quasar saxophone quartet, who commissioned the work from me.