Générosité par l'éphémère


**Commissionned by Quasar

We are here, living among the living, living among the non-living, on earth. Many things are happening inside our bodies, many things are happening inside our souls, our minds, many things are happening in the bodies, souls and minds that exist outside of us. Something, something otherwise unacknowledged, is revealed by the sounds that escape from our lives. Confessions of an unimaginable intimacy. And when we listen to the sounds, as if abandoned to the space that surrounds us, coming from other bodies than ours, it is far from our own intimacy that we listen to them, in a quite elusive region of our inner space. In a certain way, by living together in the same sound space, we confess everything without saying anything to each other. However, it happens, more often than not, that we do not pay attention to this whole world of sound, that the speed of living takes us towards the very oblivion of living. It is for this reason, among others, to slow down the incessant process of forgetting, that we create rituals, ceremonies, in order to pay attention, for a moment, at least, to the reality of our bodies, the reality of our souls, and the reality of our minds. Générosité par l'éphémère is a sound meditation, thought so that together, for a moment, we pay attention to the phenomenal generosity of the sounds, which are born, which live, which die, as in the bottom of us, as in the bottom of the intimacy of our common listening.

Poetry: Manuel Bourget

Technical assistance : Hugo Tremblay

Work dedicated to Salvador