Fractions du silence – Septième livre

Composer: Bertrand Dubedout
For saxophone quartet (SSAT) and electronics

**Commissionned by Quasar

Je reviens, sans être sorti, du fond des terres à ces

confins, à l’heure où le jour brûle encore sur les

bords, ou y fait courir un cordon de feu.

André du Bouchet - Dans la chaleur vacante

(© Mercure de France, 1961)


To Chava and Daniel Boyarin


Elaborated and almost fully composed between 1993 and 2005, FRACTIONS DU SILENCE, eight pieces – or books – cycle for different formations inspired by the poetic world of André du Bouchet, starting with a saxophone quartet (SSAT). Since the seventh book is still missing, I spontaneously thought, when the Quasar sax quartet asked me for a creation, to complete the cycle with a new piece for saxophone quartet augmented by electronic.

It is once again in André du Bouchet’s epigraph that we have to look for this project’s foundations that I would gladly define as a “study of textures alliterations”. The sound plans perfectly differentiated from the different materials will reveal behavioral, surfaces and internal agitations analogies. The saxophones duplicates, revealing harmonic substrates, enriching the particular clouds of electronics. We shall listen these like fire or ember crackling, wood or leaves, rain pouring, and the harmonic suspensions like lake with shimmering waters.

There is no illustrative will. Only the deployment of an imaginary geography and of the perceptions palette where space predominates, in answer to impossible topography which emerges, without freezing the movement, the poet words.

          - Bertrand Dubedout


This work was commissionned by Quasar with the financial support of the SACEM.