Du souffle

Composer: Philippe Leroux
for saxophone quartet

This work is a version for four saxophones of "Souffles" , written for wind quintet in 1996.

The three main sections of the piece are oriented by three sentences taken from Rainer Maria Rilke's anthology “Chants Eloignés”:

Là-bas, comme tu appelles, appelles, appelles, appelles,
comme si ta vie était en jeu
Car c'est au coeur du souffle qu'ils ont souffle,
et s'évanouissent quand le son s'évanouit
Mais soudain fait irruption secrètement la grande pulsation

"M", for two pianos, two percussions and electronic devices, is representative of a period of my writing - I was then coming back from two years spent at the Villa Medici in Rome - where I tried to understand how far it was. possible to explore simple "sound gestures", and to lead a certain harmonic consonance and rhythmic simplicity without falling back into traditional patterns. The high visibility of the processes aims to involve the listener in the musical activity so that the latter can follow the progress of the sonic discourse. It is a music of continuum between different states of figures and sound materials such as pitches, timbres and rhythms.

Philippe Leroux