Composer: Jean-Marc Bouchard
5 or 6 improvisers

Composition for 5 or 6 improvisers

The term composition is employed here in its broadest sense, that is to say as an action or a way of composing, of arranging a whole from several elements. The ancient Chinese were masters of the art of flower arranging just as our famous chefs compose exquisite dishes. Some people compose with flowers, others with words, all of us constantly compose more or less happily with the circumstances of life.

Here I have composed with people, including myself. To stay within the realm of analogy, I would say that this is a geometric composition representing a garden where everyone is free to plant whatever suits them as long as they respect the furrows that have been assigned to them. Clair/Obscur is also two planes that inexorably alternate. What is clear rises to the surface, what is dark moves in the shadows.

Jean-Marc Bouchard

Commissioned by Quasar