Incantation (2011)
Composer: Jean-François Laporte
For 4 trompe-sax

With Incantation, Quasar pursues a long and fruitful collaboration with Jean-François Laporte. Indeed, this partnership started in 2001 with Le chant de l’inaudible, the first quartet Laporte composed for Quasar. Since then, Quasar and Jean-François Laporte have collaborated in many projects such as Tribal (2002), Procession (2002), Vortex (2004), La Plénitude du vide (2005), Dégonflement (2006), and Psukhô (2008).
Marie-Chantal Leclair

Incantation is in keeping with my work on Procession (2002) which was also a music in space creation to be adapted differently according to each performance location. This work uses the acoustic, scenic and theatrical possibilities of the place in order to emphasize and highlight them. Incantations offers the listener a different music experience by placing him in the middle of the sound continnum.
Jean-François Laporte

A commission of Quasar with the assistance of the Canada Council for the arts, Incantation was premiered on February 19 2011 as part on En 3 mouvements concert (MNM Festival).