Electroshocks (2003)
Composer: Kristoffer Zegers
for eight saxophones (SSAATTBB) and tape

Kristoffer Zegers first work for saxophones is "Venlafaxine".This saxophone quartet has been performed by Kohinor Quartet. It tells about antidepressa pills named Venlafaxine wich Zegers took. The "result" of this medication are obious in this Piece. There are less moments of relaxation.

Then Novembermusic asked the composer... now write THE piece you always wanted to make. Than the title ELEKTROSHOCKS appeared. This pieces name had some meanings. First as a joke because the 1th sax ensamble played a piece about a farmaceutic product, and this piece should tell about a patient getting electroshocks against depression. The other way to see the title is to set the people and also the players on the electric chair. And give them a nice shock.

About the music. Elektroshocks for eight saxophones tells about counterpoint, its seems to be a kind of minimal music which is no minimal music. For me as a composer its important to hear a kind of repetition but it never may sound at the same way. Every chord in the counterpoint is different, even it seems to repeat again and again, there is no repeat in same notes.

Venlafaxine was commissioned by Kohinor saxophone quartet (Utrecht) and Lokaal01 (Breda).

Elektroshocks was commisioned by November Music International Festival and premiered in November 2003.