Juan S. Vassallo

(1984 - )

Ingrid Hannevold

Juan Sebastián Vassallo is an Argentinian composer based in Bergen, Norway. He holds a Master’s degree in Music Perception and Cognition and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Artistic Research at the University of Bergen. His current artistic research aims to explore possibilities for human-computer interaction in art creation, encompassing points of intersection between computer-assisted composition, artificial intelligence, algorithmic poetry, generative visuals, and live electronics. On the other hand, his psychological research investigates the underlying cognitive processes within the mind of a composer when creating music. In the last few years, some of his compositions have been awarded in national and international competitions in France, China, and Argentina. Some of his past artistic projects have received grants from the UNESCO and Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI). He has collaborated with several renowned contemporary music ensembles around the world, such as Schola Heidelberg, Neue Vokalsolisten (Germany), Vokalensemblet Tabula Rasa (Norway), and Quasar saxophone quartet (Canada), among others.