Jenny Hettne

(1977 - )

Photo of Jenny Hettne
la Neumüller

Jenny Hettne is a composer of acoustic and electroacoustic music, with the exploration of sound and timbre as her most important focus. She writes mainly chamber music, sometimes mixed with electronics and always in a close and innovative collaboration with the musicians.

Jennys music has been selected to festivals such as Seoul International Computer Music FestivalPurpur Festival (Cape Town), MATA festival (New York), Huddersfield Contemporary Music FestivalISCM World Music Days Tallinn 2019 (Estonia), Two days and two nights of new music (Odessa, Ukraine), Festival Archipel (Geneva), St Petersburg International New Music Festival reMusikDark Music Days (Reykjavik), Klang (Copenhagen), Sonic festival(Copenhagen), Göteborg Piano festivalKalvfestivalenSound of Stockholm and Svensk Musikvår (Sweden) and Nordic Music Days (Stockholm 2012 and Copenhagen 2015).

Jenny finished her master degree in music composition at the Academy of Music and Drama, Göteborg University, in 2008. Jenny is a board member of The Swedish Society of Composers and vice president of Samtida Musik. She was one of the curators of Nordic Music Days in London 2017.