Christer Lindwall

(1950 - )

Christer Lindwall was born in Uppsala in 1950. He came into contact with jazz while still a teenager, and with the exception of a period of study under Jan W. Morthenson and Rolf Enström at EMS (the Institute for Electro-Acoustic Music in Sweden) between 1982-83 and the international summer courses at Darmstadt in 1986, is autodidactic as a composer. Since his electro-acoustic breakthrough work Points (Warsaw-autumn 1986), he has confined himself almost exclusively to chamber music, with over 20 works for virtuoso soloists in groups from one to nine. Lindwall has been called the foremost representative of the “neo-complex” school in Sweden, but he himself believes that it is more the musical notation than the sound that unites him with composers such as Ferneyhough, Barrett, Dillon and Clarke.