Balançoires* (2019)
Composer: Pierre-Olivier Roy
Pour quatuor de saxophones

The discreet movement of the swings without passengers that gently oscillate with the wind is a deeply inspiring image. These swings compose voices that are out of breath and draw impulses in space that constantly modulate.

These swings are chimes that we visit, we observe. They are mounted by passers-by, explored by insects and overflown by birds. In this sense, Swings presents these different imaginary visions, fueled by chaotic pushes, stretched in time or even overflown by very high.

Swings evokes the sounds and movements, but also the memories of a child who brings back to the object; the recollections that one lives there and the long discussions that one holds there until the wee hours. The work presents a variety of characters from the contemplative to the majestic, from discrete harmonic songs to brilliant chimes.